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Hand-painted "Gond Art" Lamp - Peacock

State Awardee Ravi Tekam from Bhopal

Hand-painted "Gond Art" Lamp - Peacock

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A hand-painted lamp depicting peacock on tassar silk. In Gond tribe, it is believed that God wanted the universe be a place of beauty and grace. So after much thought, he finally decided upon the design of a creature we know as the peacock. The lamp can be put on wall or entry way table.

  • Package Content : 1 Table Lamp 
 Size of Lamp  27 cm x 12.5 cm x 40 cm
 Weight of Product  460 g


The Art:

The Gond Painting was originated from Madhya Pradesh and derives its name from the tribe. The Gond tribe believes in “viewing good image brings good luck”. The paintings are an offering in worship of nature, and are also a mode of seeking protection and warding off evil.

The Artist:

The painting on lamp is made by State Awardee artist Ravi Tekam from Bhopal.

Product Note :This product is hand-painted / handcrafted by the artisans. Hence, there is a possibility of slight variations in colour or designs. The asymmetry present in handmade product makes it truly unique and beautiful.

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