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Beads Jewellery - Traditional Camel Bone Naga Necklace

Local Artist from Nagaland

Beads Jewellery - Traditional Camel Bone Naga Necklace

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This jewellery exemplifies the designer’s idea of giving the art a whole new meaning. Handcrafted from camel bone, this piece is spectacular work of craftsmanship. The jewellery easily complements all the outfits and adds a subtle ethnic charm.

  • Package Content : 1 piece jewellery 
 Color  Off white
 Material Used  Camel Bone


The Art:

It is estimated that the beaded jewellery started more than 70,000 years ago when man first found the beads and gems. Some culture use beads as talisman in equivalence to the gems. Over time handcrafted beaded jewellery started to become a status symbol. Handcrafted beaded jewellery has been made from various types of beads. Typically beads are made out of glass, bone, porcelain, shells, paper, clay, metals, gemstones, ivory, and even wood.  

The Artist: This product is handcrafted by local artist from Nagaland.

Product Note :This product is hand-painted / handcrafted by the artisans. Hence, there is a possibility of slight variations in colour or designs. The asymmetry present in handmade product makes it truly unique and beautiful.

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