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Chitrakathi Painting - Kaikai Deceiving Sita

Eknath Gangavane from Maharastra

Chitrakathi Painting - Kaikai Deceiving Sita

Rs. 10,900

A lesser known folktale about Sita is depicted in the painting. According to legends, Kaikai is not happy with Sita returning to the capital Ayodhya. One afternoon Kaikai asks Sita to describe how Ravana looked. Sita confesses that she has just seen the thumb of Ravana when he was fighting with Jatayu. She has never seen his face. Kaikai tricks Sita to draw Ravana's thumb on the wall. Sita innocently paints his thumb without knowing the purpose. Kaikai then completes the picture with a human figure. When Rama returns to the palace, Kaikai informs Rama that Sita is in love with Ravana as she has drawn him on her wall. On seeing the painting Rama gets mad and destroys the painting. It is then he starts acting distant to Sita and plans to abandon her. The painting is made on handmade paper and comes without frame.

  • Package Content : 1 painting 
 Size of Painting   76.5 cm x 56 cm
 Material Used  Handmade Paper

 The Art:

The Chitrakathi Painting, around 300 - 400 year old, is almost extinct form of art practised by only one family in Maharastra. Chitra - picture, Kathi - story narrates the story of Indian epics Ramayana, Mahabharata & Nandi Puranam.

The Artist:

This painting is made by master artist Eknath Gangavane and the only family practicing the art.

 Product Note :This product is hand-painted / handcrafted by the artisans. Hence, there is a possibility of slight variations in colour or designs. The asymmetry present in handmade product makes it truly unique and beautiful.

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