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Hand Carved step designed candle stand

Local Artist from Saharanpur

Hand Carved step designed candle stand

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Hand-carved 3 step candle stand made of mango wood. This is one of the most common wood design found in the Saharanpur streets.

  • Package Content : 1 Candle Stand
 Size of Lamp  29.5 cm x 10.3 cm x 24 cm
 Weight of Product  602 g
 Material Used  Mango wood


The Art:

Wood carving have been a well known craft in Saharanpur. The talent of wood carving is passed from generations to generations. Common motifs are mehrab, jail and grapevine.

The Artisan:

This product is handcrafted by local artist from Saharanpur.

Product Note :This product is hand-painted / handcrafted by the artisans. Hence, there is a possibility of slight variations in colour or designs. The asymmetry present in handmade product makes it truly unique and beautiful.

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