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Handmade "Naquashi Art" Coasters from Kashmir


Handmade "Naquashi Art" Coasters from Kashmir

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A set of 4 coasters in a box depicting chinar leafs. In Kashmiri language, it is known as Boiun or Booni and it is believed that word has originated from the term Bhawani which means goddess.
These coasters are made of paper pulp and then decorated with Kashmiri local motifs.
This is made by the local artist from Srinagar where the art has originated.

  • Package Content : Set of 4 coasters in a box
 Size of Coaster  8.7 cm x 8.7 cm
 Weight of Product  198 g
 Material Used  Papier Mache
Product Note :This product is hand-painted / handcrafted by the artisans. Hence, there is a possibility of slight variations in colour or designs. The asymmetry present in handmade product makes it truly unique and beautiful.

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